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Vape Store Interiors

Fabulous Vapour Store Concept

The centre piece of the store is the flavour wall with bright coloured graphics that emphasise and mirror the range of flavoured products on offer. Manufactured to assist the customer in navigating, selecting and testing products. The product is displayed and dispensed using specially designed acrylic cartridges that can be easily removed for stock replenishment. 

Other joinery elements of store include the wall display cabinets. Featuring juice and vape devices. These units feature signage, LED lighting and testing stations. We also provided window display cases, customer service desk and slat accessory wall. 

The A-Frame table is manufactured from metal and joinery elements, to provide the customer with a sanctuary in which to relax and test products.  

If you require any further assistance or information, please contact our Creative Director, Mark Hardcastle. 

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