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Waitrose Horticultural Pods

Exterior display areas blossom at Waitrose

Selling plants and shrubs is an increasingly buoyant market for many retailers. As a result, Birley Manufacturing recently secured a major new contract with leading supermarket chain Waitrose to supply a series of horticultural pods.

This follows on from a previous contract where Birley Manufacturing designed and produced an initial consignment of external plant units for Waitrose.  These units create an attractive exterior display area for outdoor plants, shrubs and accessories, as part of the Waitrose Flower Garden, in stores stretching from North London to Scotland.

Birley operated to a tight schedule to ensure that each pod was installed within a day.  This ensured that Waitrose staff could merchandize the unit the following day, with product available within a 48-hour window from installation to trading.

We were delighted with the units supplied last year and decided to provide more of our branches with the pods during 2016. Working with a trusted supplier like Birley ensures that the project runs smoothly and that deadlines are met.

Waitrose’s project manager

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