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Design and Development

Turning vision into reality

We employ a proven model that follows a certified process to ensure your projects are delivered successfully.

Key Stages to Successful Product Development

Product Process Diagram

We can support a project from any stage of the lifecycle. Whether it be from initial concept through to manufacturing completion. All internal processes are audited using British standard systems.

We offer:

  • Complete in-house design services
  • Product conceptual design
  • Product Development
  • 3D photorealistic CAD visualisations
  • 3D walk-through and fly-through
  • Ergonomic evaluation and risk assessment
  • Solid Edge CAD and AutoCAD modelling
  • Tactical value engineering to minimise end product cost
  • Clear communication throughout via our manufacturing resource planning software (MRP)
  • Virtual, Hard (for ergonomic styling) and Working prototyping in full size models for review and testing prior to production roll out